Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wednesday Letter

Wednesday Letter: Kelvin Davis on Māori tourism, sustainability and managing growth

The minister of tourism highlights the "tremendous potential" of Māori culture to drive tourism and why a more holistic approach towards growth is now needed.

Wednesday Letter: Who funds our tourism?

As some regional tourism organisations face funding cuts or fail to increase budgets, destination and services marketing strategist, Lyn Cheyne, asks who should fund our tourism?

Wednesday Letter: Development West Coast’s Chris Mackenzie

A move by a government funded trust to take over Tourism West Coast has been met by fierce resistance, but Development West Coast's chief executive, Chris Mackenzie, says integrating the marketing agency into DWC's economic development work makes perfect sense.

Wednesday Letter: Why are we ‘beating up’ the tourism industry?

Dr Anthony Brien, senior lecturer in business and hotel management at Lincoln University, asks why, with a visitor ‘met or exceeded satisfaction’ rate of 93.4%, are some people ‘beating up’ the New Zealand tourism industry?

Wednesday Letter: Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult

Queenstown Lakes District mayor Jim Boult on the council's desire to implement a local bed tax, why going to Wellington with a begging bowl every year is not sustainable, and how last week's forum on freedom camping with tourism minister Kelvin Davis had mixed results.

Wednesday Letter: Questions for NZ’s ski industry

The New Zealand ski industry is pouring around $200m into assets but it cannot answer a basic question on its value to New Zealand - what does that mean for how investment decisions are being made?

Wednesday Letter: Winter Games NZ CEO Arthur Klap

On his last day in post, outgoing Winter Games NZ chief executive Arthur Klap talks about the importance of NZ staging events on the global stage, the challenges around delivering a financial viable fixture and why funding should be linked to more than economic measures of success.

Wednesday Letter: Time for councils to step up

Regional Tourism New Zealand's Charlie Ives says now is the time for local authorities to step up to help meet the challenges of New Zealand's booming tourism sector.

Wednesday Letter: TIA’s Chris Roberts

Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts on the work underway to protect the industry's reputation and a major new initiative to promote the sector to the community.  

Wednesday Letter: Is tourism becoming the new dairy?

Tourism has overtaken dairy as NZ's top export earner but is it about to fall as far as that industry in terms of reputation too, asks the Ticker's Paul Yandall.

Wednesday Letter: An industry renewed

The Ticker's Paul Yandall takes a look back at the leadership changes over the past year and says a sense of industry renewal is the story of 2017. 

Wednesday Letter: Ngāi Tahu Tourism’s Quinton Hall

Ngāi Tahu Tourism chief executive Quinton Hall on sustainability, the living wage and the busy year that was 2017, plus the challenges and opportunities ahead for the for the iwi-owned tourism operator.

Wednesday Letter: Tourism Holdings’ Grant Webster

Tourism Industry Aotearoa chairman and Tourism Holdings chief executive Grant Webster on the year's challenges and highlights and the opportunities ahead for the industry in 2018.

Wednesday Letter: Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis

In his first address to industry yesterday, the new Tourism Minister outlines the government's priorities for tourism. Below is his full speech to TIA's Tourism Summit Aotearoa at Te Papa in Wellington.

Wednesday Letter: Rethinking tourism’s contribution to conservation

Valentina Dinica, Senior Lecturer of Public Policy at Victoria University, says it is time to reconsider the current concession system that allows operators access to conservation land. 

Wednesday Letter: Sue Sullivan

Following this year's conference in Dunedin, CINZ CEO Sue Sullivan writes on how the industry can drive value, NZ's expertise advantage, unlocking the Australian market, and growing the sector to $750m by 2020. 

Wednesday Letter: A new beginning

With the thrust of the new coalition government now clear, the Ticker's Paul Yandall asks, what could it mean for the country's tourism industry?

Wednesday Letter: A vision of the future

After a month of awards, insightful events and conferences the Ticker's Paul Yandall envisages the future and applauds some of the industry recent award winners.

Wednesday Letter: NZ Māori Tourism’s Pania Tyson-Nathan

It's Māori Language Week and NZ Māori Tourism chief executive Pania Tyson-Nathan tells us how learning the language is an ongoing journey and the value of Te Reo to tourism.

Wednesday Letter: Cycling to prosperity

Following the inaugural Cycle Tourism Business Summit, organiser Dave Bamford of the Timber Trail Lodge, tells the Ticker about the growing number of international visitors on NZ's Great Rides, how ebikes are transforming the industry, and why collaboration and social license are vital for success.

Wednesday Letter: NZ Cruise CEO Kevin O’Sullivan

Chief executive of the newly named NZ Cruise Association, Kevin O'Sullivan, on the huge growth expected for the sector, and the latest findings on the economic impact cruise is having on NZ.

Wednesday Letter: The urgency of now

The Ticker's Bridget O'Connell hears concerns over the environment and social license at the Tourism Export Council's conference in Te Anau and asks if they will be heeded by industry and government.

Wednesday Letter: Shamubeel Eaqub on NZ tourism

In a preview of his speech to today's Tourism Export Council conference at Te Anau, economist Shamubeel Eaqub tells us why social license is vital for the industry.

Wednesday Letter: A private affair

Last week’s revelation by the Ticker that Australia’s Blue Sky Private Equity has bought a multi-million dollar stake in Queenstown’s Active Adventures is notable for a number of reasons.

Wednesday Letter: ATEED’s Jason Hill

Following his recent resignation to pursue other industry opportunities, we hear from outgoing Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development's (ATEED) Head of Tourism, Jason Hill, on the evolution and development of Auckland's tourism offering.

Wednesday Letter: A taxing question for hotels

The Ticker‘s Bridget O’Connell attends the NZ Hotel Industry Conference and asks if a possible legal fight against Auckland's accommodation targeted rate is going to run smack into tourism industry recommendations for a national bed tax.

Wednesday Letter: Authenticity & Tourism Campaigns

Following the release of a number of tourism campaigns, Tom Horder of Wellington consultancy Marder asks if their various depictions of New Zealand are putting at risk one of travel's most prized qualities: Authenticity.

Wednesday Letter: MBIE on its tourism data

In reply to last week's Wednesday Letter, MBIE says there has been some confusion about the IVS and MRTEs, the measures are not diverging, and some guidance is on the way.

Wednesday Letter: We need to talk about data

One of the most important resources the tourism industry has is the data provided by government agencies but is MBIE living up to the task and how does it explain clear discrepancies between its own datasets?

Wednesday Letter: Stephen England-Hall

Tourism New Zealand's chief executive on growing the shoulder seasons, supporting the domestic industry, maintaining community support and the benefits of the country's big week on the global sporting stage.

Wednesday Letter: Access must work for all, not just tourists

Ensuring access for tourists to rivers for fishing, forests for hunting and trails for tramping, cycling and horse-riding is vital but that access must be suited to the needs of locals and landowners too, writes New Zealand Walking Access Commission's Asher Wilson-Goldman.

Wednesday Letter: ServiceIQ’s Dean Minchington

Following calls from tourism leaders to upskill the industry, ServiceIQ's chief executive Dean Minchington says New Zealand has much to do to catch up to world class standards.

Wednesday Letter: The future starts now

The Ticker's Bridget O'Connell attends MEETINGS 2017, hears calls for upskilling the industry and asks, is Tourism New Zealand's new strategy moving too fast for our regions?

Wednesday Letter: Tourism Minister Paula Bennett

Tourism Minister Paula Bennett on why she is focused on helping regional NZ, the government's funding priorities, and why Queenstown and other regions may be able to get more support.  The tourism industry has enjoyed...

Wednesday Letter: An industry abuzz

In the first contribution to our weekly opinion column, Wednesday Letter, the Ticker’s Paul Yandall takes a look back at TRENZ and a look forward at some of the challenges ahead for NZ's tourism industry.
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