Monday, March 19, 2018
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Regulation & Policy

Auckland’s appalling targeted accommodation rate

The Tourism Industry Association's Chris Roberts questions the fairness of Auckland mayor Phil Goff's proposed targeted accommodation rate, which could see some operators hit with rate increases of 250% or more.

Industry rallies against Auckland’s accommodation targeted rate

A month-long consultation period on Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s proposal for an accommodation targeted rate opened this week.

Auckland’s accommodation targeted rate won’t help the city

Hotels currently under refurbishment and new hotels are faced with massive cost increases long-term because of mayor Phil Goff’s accommodation targeted rate.

Govt: 90% of rivers and lakes swimmable by 2040

The Government has announced a target of 90% of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers meeting swimmable water quality standards by 2040, alongside releasing new policy, regulations, information maps and funding.

Fresh water vital to tourism industry growth

The tourism industry is pleased that the Government has recognised fresh water’s value to the visitor economy, and is hopeful that this can be realised via its new water quality targets.

DOC rejects criticism of new fees, says increases well signalled

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has rejected criticism of its new landing fee increases saying they were well signalled and many concession holders won't be affected until next year. DOC's permissions and statutory land management...

Why this matters: Aviation NZ’s chief on DOC’s new landing fees

Aviation New Zealand's chief executive John Nicholson tells us why he believes DOC's new landing charges are an unfair imposition on an industry already operating under heavy fee burdens, with more to come later this year.

No consultation. No methodology. A smack in the face: Operators slam new DOC fees

Flight operators have slammed the Department of Conservation (DOC) for introducing new landing fees that could see some pay thousands of dollars more each week to touch down on conservation land. DOC announced the new...

Bennett on funding: Industry must take lead and contribute

In a Q&A focused on funding, Tourism Minister Paula Bennett outlines the government's view of investing in the sector and calls on the industry to contribute.
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