Sunday, April 22, 2018

Election 2017

Election 2017: Green Party’s James Shaw

The Green Party leader James Shaw explains why his party's aims are closely aligned with the tourism industry's, why they are the biggest proponent of a border levy, and asks why the government is ignoring industry advice on how to meet the challenges ahead.

Election 2017: ACT Party’s David Seymour

ACT Party leader David Seymour on why GST on construction should be retained in the regions to help build tourism infrstructure, his views on a border tax and why ACT is the best party to vote for to ensure the industry maintaina access to foreign workers.

Election 2017: NZ First’s Fletcher Tabuteau

NZ First's tourism spokesman, Fletcher Tabuteau, who has both worked in and taught tourism, shares his vision for the industry and outlines how he would address some of its pressing challenges.

Election 2017: The Māori Party’s Te Ururoa Flavell

Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell shares his vision for New Zealand's tourism industry and how he and his party would address some of its pressing challenges. 

Election 2017: National’s Paula Bennett

The National Party's Paula Bennett outlines her vision for the industry and how she would meet the challenges ahead if she were to remain Minister of Tourism.

Election 2017: TOP’s Lesley Immink

Lesley Immink, former chief of the Tourism Export Council and now The Opportunities Party's East Coast candidate, shares her vision for the industry and outlines how she would meet the challenges ahead.

Election 2017: National promises $100m for Rotorua tourist, commercial route

The National Party says it will spend up to $100m to four-lane Te Ngae Road between Rotorua City and the airport if it is re-elected to government.

Labour: $1m funding for West Coast trails

The Labour Party wants to build on the West Coast's strengths in tourism and engineering in its development plan for the region.

National: Two taxes down, five to go

The Labour Party has postponed two new taxes but has left five more in place that would slow down the New Zealand economy and restrict growth, National Party Finance spokesperson Steven Joyce says.

Cruise industry: $25 tourist tax risks deterring ships

Senior cruise line executives have given the Labour Party's plans to implement a $25 tourist tax short shrift.

Greens plan for largest-ever marine mammal sanctuary

The marine mammal sanctuary will protect the environment and potentially create sustainable local jobs through new eco-tourism ventures, such as whale watching.

Labour’s $25 border levy plan draws industry fire

The Labour Party's proposal to implement a $25 levy on international visitors has been criticised by industry and opposition politicians as an extra burden on tourists.

Freedom camping crackdown in National Party tourism policy

The National Party has promised to introduce new rules to crack down on freedom camping if it is re-elected.

Labour launches fresh water policy: Clean rivers for future generations

Labour will lead a nationwide effort to restore our rivers and lakes to a clean, swimmable state.

Labour: Airport light rail within 10 years

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern has pledged light rail from downtown Auckland to the city's airport within a decade if it wins the general election in September.

Peters promises more tourist dollars for Whanganui

Excerpts on tourism and land access from a speech given by New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters in Whanganui on Tuesday.

Peters: GST from tourists to be returned to regions

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wants the full GST earned from tourists returned back to the regions in which the money was spent.
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