Sunday, April 22, 2018

Buy Side/Sell Side

Buy Side/Sell Side: Ara Roa Villa’s Susanne Olsen

Ara Roa Villa and Boutique Lodgings' co-owner, Susanne Olsen, on building a luxury market in Northland, the power of word-of-mouth, and opportunities to grow the business.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Warbirds Over Wanaka’s Ed Taylor

Warbirds Over Wanaka general manager Ed Taylor talks about how the event - and the resultant crowd - has changed over the years, the economic benefits it brings to the region and the challenges of staging the show in a town suffering growing pains.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Crankworx’s Tak Mutu

Crankworx's head of business development, Tak Mutu, on nailing the first festival with only seven months lead-time, the winning formula for commercial partnerships and the growing the economic impact of the event in Rotorua.

Buy Side/Sell Side: RAL’s Michelle Caldwell

Ruapehu Alpine Lifts' GM sales and marketing, Michelle Caldwell, on finding opportunities to grow sales in the Australian market, the benefits of regional and national collaboration and the challenges involved in transitioning to become a year-round tourism business. 

Buy Side/Sell Side: Destination Queenstown’s Kiran Nambiar

Fresh from AIME, Kiran Nambiar, DQ's new business development manager and head of the Queenstown Convention Bureau, tells us about forging new MICE partnerships, future growth markets and how capacity issues are being managed.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Haka Tourism Group’s Chris Bain

Haka Tourism Group's sales manager, Chris Bain, on the company's new sales strategy, expansion in China and a new product for that market, and how its new hotel assets are performing.

Buy Side/Sell Side: China Travel Service’s Lisa Li

With Chinese New Year about to begin, China Travel Services' Lisa Li shares her insight into that Asian market, how it is changing and why it is getting much harder to sell New Zealand there.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Hydro Attack’s Esther Small

Hydro Attack's marketing manager Esther Small on launching a new product in the competitive Queenstown market, the power of digital marketing and developing a suitable sales strategy 

Buy Side/Sell Side: Heritage Hotel’s Dylan Rushbrook

Heritage Hotel's Dylan Rushbrook on fronting up to hotel price increases, beating the boom-bust cycle and whether regional dispersal is actually working on the ground.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Whale Watch’s Lisa Bond

Whale Watch's Lisa Bond tells us of how the business operated in the aftermath of last year's 7.8-magnitude earthquake, coping with a crippled marina, and the company's recovery strategy for the summer.

Buy Side/Sell Side: First Light Travel’s Brent Narbey

First Light Travel co-founder, Brent Narbey, on establishing an OTA in New Zealand in the early 2000s, future-proofing a travel business and fostering talent within the industry.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Always Vacation’s Wanvisa Chantrasmi

Always Vacation's owner and director of sales and marketing, Wanvisa Chantrasmi, on working with film crews coming to New Zealand, the power of social media and business after Tourism New Zealand exited Thailand in December.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Manaaki Adventures’ Hemi Coates

Hemi Coates, owner and director of Mount Maunganui's Manaaki Adventures, is preparing to launch a rugby tours product into the US and Asian markets. He tells us about the unique opportunity of selling NZ rugby culture to the world.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Directional Travel’s Tracey Green

Former Kirra Australia GM, Tracey Green, on setting up her own travel consultancy and management business, lessons from the event space and why operators should be thinking about the pink dollar.

Buy Side/Sell Side: New Zealand Vacations’ Jerry Bridge

Serial travel entrepreneur, Jerry Bridge, on setting up his New Zealand-centric venture 18 months ago, his plans to expand into Australia and the best way to tackle the American visitor market.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Ngāi Tahu Tourism’s David Hurst

Ngāi Tahu Tourism’s international sales manager, David Hurst, on a new high-end guided walk and glamping product, ‘NZ fatigue’ among offshore agents, and a shift towards greater integration of Ngāi Tahu values across the...

Buy Side/Sell Side: Australiareiser’s Martin Jespersen

Scandinavian travel agent and New Zealand specialist, Australiareiser's Martin Jespersen, on the challenges around OTAs, his front line NZ marketing efforts, and how to convince visitors to come outside the peak.

Buy Side/Sell Side: General Travel’s Anna Black

General Travel executive director and new Tourism Export Council president, Anna Black, on the needs of the growing Indian market, why group travel is good business and light at the end of the tunnel for the GST on margins debate.

Buy Side/Sell Side: Cardrona Alpine Resort’s Mat Woods

Cardrona Alpine Resort's head of sales, Mat Woods, on developing the Chinese market, the resort's $15m investment programme coming to fruition, a new year-round product and tapping into the trend for an alpine experience.
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