Three in a row for Christchurch conference sector

The 2020 Learning Environments Australasia will be held at the redeveloped Christchurch Town Hall.

Christchurch has secured the 2020 Learning Environments Australasia conference – the third major event win for city announced in the past month.

The latest win will bring around 600 educators, architects, designers and policymakers from Australasia and the Asia Pacific region to the city to discuss the designing and building of learning environments.

The event will be held at the redeveloped Christchurch Town Hall and will include study tours held at several local educational institutions, many of which are a result of Christchurch’s rebuild.

Learning Environments Australasia, which has a membership of over 800 education and design professionals, is the leading regional body advocating for quality and innovation in learning environments.

“As one of New Zealand’s newest cities, post-quake Christchurch has drawn upon innovative design to enhance the sense of community and inclusion, so it will be great to learn more about how this approach can impact and enhance educational facilities,” said Learning Environments Australasia’s chair, Deb O’Riley.

The latest conference win follows Christchurch announcing three weeks ago that it had secured the 11th Intecol International Wetlands conference. That event will be held in 2020 and is expected to bring around 1,000 delegates to the city.

A month ago, Christchurch announced it had won the technical conference, which will bring 500-800 delegates from around the world to the city in 2019.

“Christchurch is the ideal destination city to share innovative new ideas through conferencing,” said Caroline Blanchfield, convention bureau and industry partnership manager at ChristchurchNZ.

“These conferences attract high value visitors to our city and are a fantastic way to grow our knowledge economy while showcasing Christchurch as a sought-after conference destination.”

ChristchurchNZ, supported by Tourism New Zealand, partnered with the event organisers to bring the Learning Environments Conference to Christchurch.

Tourism New Zealand’s manager of business events and premium, Lisa Gardiner said international conferences played an important role in showcasing New Zealand’s expertise on the world stage.

“This conference will have long lasting benefits for New Zealand, expanding our knowledge of great learning environment design which will benefit New Zealand’s future generations,” said Gardiner.

“Large scale conferences like this also provide significant economic benefits for the host location and beyond through delegate spend.”

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