Airbnb NZ guests, listings surge

Airbnb guest numbers in New Zealand surged to 1.46 million in 2017, up 112% on 2016, while the number of listings jumped 61% to 37,600.

The typical Airbnb property lister earned $80 per week or $4,200 per year, said the accommodation sharing platform.

However, in Queenstown, the figure was $12,000, up 29% on 2016. Guest arrivals at the resort increased 83% to 148,900.

Queenstown Lakes District Council is planning to tighten rules around Airbnb use, reducing the number of days homes can be rented out on the platform.

The company’s head of public policy for Australia and New Zealand, Brent Thomas, said Airbnb was helping people reduce their cost of living.

“Being a host allows people to take what is typically their biggest asset – their own home – and turn it into an income engine,” said Thomas.

“Home sharing is an invaluable economic shot in the arm for family budgets and communities right across the nation, particularly those places which have traditionally missed out, like the suburbs and regions.”

Thomas said Airbnb wanted to “work together to grow the local tourism industry, particularly Maori and regional tourism, as well as to develop fair, progressive rules for home sharing”.

Auckland showed strong growth in terms of listings and earnings in 2017. Listings rose 71% to 10,900 and guest arrivals increased 114% to 308,600

Airbnb said recent YouGov Research which showed 66% of New Zealanders supported home sharing and 78% believed the government should consider encouraging home sharing to help the tourism industry.

Location Inbound guest arrivals Year-on-year growth in guest arrivals Listings Year-on-year growth in listings Typical host earnings
New Zealand 1,466,500 112% 37,600 61% $4,200
Auckland 308,600 114% 10,900 71% $4,350
Queenstown 148,900 83% 2,300 29% $12,000
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