TIA: Councils encouraged to apply for next round of TIF

PRESS RELEASE: Tourism Industry Aotearoa

Friday’s announcement of a $14.9 million Government investment in tourism infrastructure will help regions benefit from the growth in tourism, Tourism Industry Aotearoa says.

Chris Roberts

$14.2 million of the spending comes from the $25 million a year Tourism Infrastructure Fund, while $700,000 is going towards cycle trail maintenance.

TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts says the funding will help communities provide fantastic experiences for both New Zealand and international visitors. And another $10.7 million is expected to be available in a second funding round in early 2018.

“TIA is strongly encouraging councils to put in applications to the next funding round. Councils should take advantage of the opportunity to secure investment into good projects that will support the growth of tourism,” Mr Roberts says.

Mr Roberts is a member of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund panel which considered the applications and made recommendations to the Minister.

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