NZ helicopter company wins international recognition

PRESS RELEASE: Aviation New Zealand

Christchurch Helicopters winning the prestigious Salute to Excellence “Humanitarian Service” Helicopter Association International award for 2018 is a magnificent achievement said John Nicholson, Chief  Executive of industry body Aviation New Zealand.

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) has recognised the outstanding achievements and exceptional merit of individuals and organisations in the international helicopter community for over 50 years.  Winning one of their awards is ‘big news’.

Christchurch Helicopters played a pivotal humanitarian role in two serious natural disasters which hit the South Island of New Zealand. Crews had major roles in the rescue and recovery effort following the Kaikoura earthquake on 14 November 2016 and saved property and lives in the Port Hills fires in Christchurch in February 2017.

‘HAI is respected and well known globally.  This award will generate significant publicity for New Zealand, our helicopter industry and Christchurch Helicopters,’ said Nicholson.

The award is not just about Christchurch Helicopters.  It is also about the group of helicopter companies they collaborated and worked with.  It is about the way we use helicopters in New Zealand, the training provided by our industry and the regulatory system that underpins it.  In the end, it is about New Zealand.

‘For a New Zealand company to stand out against strong international competition is a great reflection on just how good our helicopter industry is,’ said Nicholson.

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