Meetings, seminars surge drives business events growth

Meetings and seminars activity surged by 19% last year pushing up delegate numbers and delegate days, according to the latest Convention Activity Survey.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment research for the year ended September 2017 revealed that the number of meeting and seminar events increased from 27,600 to 33,000 during the period.

This resulted in a 12% increase in delegates rising from 1.46m to 1.64m, and a 10% uplift in delegate days which rose from 1.68m to 1.85m.

The conference and convention segment did not fare so well, however, with a 3% drop recorded in the overall number of events which fell from 5,400 to 5,200.

This translated to a 9% drop in delegates – from 595,900 to 544,500 – and a 14% decrease in delegate days which fell from 1.08m to 0.93m.

Despite this decline, the total number of delegates showed strong growth with a 1.2m year-on-year increase recorded pushing total delegate numbers to 3.6m.

Total delegate days also ticked up, but the increase was more modest rising from 4.3m to 4.4m.

At the year end, meetings and seminars comprised 68% of all events, and 42% of all delegate days.

Auckland was the most popular location for multi-day events hosting the largest proportion of multi-day meetings and seminars at 37%, generating 35% of total multi-day meetings and seminars delegate days in the September 2017 year.

The CAS monitors and benchmarks the performance of more than 300 professional conferencing and meeting venues in New Zealand.

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