Tourism NZ unveils travel trade research

Tourism NZ CEO Stephen England-Hall at the Heritage Queenstown on Thursday.

Tourism New Zealand is planning to refine its travel trade training after carrying out research into the effectiveness of its activity.

The government agency has developed a model using aviation industry booking data from association IATA to gather insight into the impact of its trade activity.

Speaking at the Tourism New Zealand Road Show in Queenstown, Stephen England-Hall said: “Up until fairly recently we didn’t have an accurate way of determining which activities in trade deliver what level of impact.

“We always knew it had an impact but we were really unclear as to level of impact of a specific training programme or kiwilink or famil.”

“What we’re actually realising is that [our activity is] having a big impact but not everything has the same impact. We can now start to create much much more targeted investment into the trade channel, that’s what this is about, when it comes down to market specific level data this becomes really exciting.”

The research saw the agency work with Tier 1 & 2 travel trade in its top nine markets to make a timeline based on when someone makes an inquiry, a booking and then travels.

These nine markets generated 2.3m passengers, of which 40% booked direct and 60% or 1.4m came through trade channels.

Source: Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand worked with around half of the agents that generated that 60% or 1.4m, with the half it did no work with serving as a control group.

The two groups in total generated 650,000 and the research allowed TNZ to carry out a comparison with Australian numbers and identify its activity added 10% or 65,000 arrivals.

The research also allows the agency to look at month-on-month variations which can then be directly linked to the training carried out around that time in each market to provide more granular data on the activity or individual agents in specific markets.

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