TIA launches framework to boost insight quality

Tourism Industry Aotearoa has today launched a new insight framework to boost the quality of data, research, and analysis available to the $35bn industry.

The Tourism Insight Framework aims to increase the quality, accuracy and timeliness of data and research by providing leadership, helping to source funding, using technology and strengthening relationships with providers.

Chris Roberts

“The Tourism 2025 growth framework identified that getting accurate and timely insight from data and research is crucial for the industry’s ongoing success,” says TIA chief executive Chris Roberts.

“However, while there is a lot of data available, the needs of users are only being partly met because the current insight system is incomplete and disjointed.”

The new framework has been constructed with the help of tourism operators, regional tourism organisations and other industry associations and public bodies.

Tourism insight is sourced from various types of data, analysis and strategic research, both government and private sector generated, says the TIA.

However, how this information is interpreted, packaged and made available is crucial, as information is only ‘insightful’ when it generates knowledge to support tourism decision-making.

“Extensive work has been completed to understand the current state of the tourism insight system, what the industry wants from a future insight system and the actions needed to bridge that gap,” says Roberts.

The industry-led framework has five inter-related elements:

    • leadership
    • sustainable funding
    • quality inputs
    • technology
    • enabling better decisions

Under each element, the Tourism Insight Framework sets out a series of actions for both the private sector and government.

“Today’s launch is just the start,” says Roberts.

“We will now begin the substantial task of improving the insight system guided by the framework. We are determined to seek solutions to ensure the industry benefits from the trusted, accessible and relevant insight it needs to support sustainable tourism.”

Click here for more information about the Tourism Insight Framework.

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