Research: Support for tourism but pressure evident

New Zealanders value tourism almost universally but there is also a widely held view that tourism is putting too much pressure on the country, according to new research by Angus & Associates.

Cristine Angus

The tourism and leisure consultancy canvassed 1200 New Zealand and Australian residents for ‘Views on Tourism’ which found that 95% of the New Zealanders agreed that international tourism is good for New Zealand.

However, 44% of kiwis said international visitors were putting too much pressure on New Zealand.

This is in contrast to the feedback from Australian participants, who again overwhelmingly agreed that international tourism is good for there country, but just 24% of Australians said that international visitors were putting too much pressure on Australia.

Managing director, Cristine Angus, said: “While both New Zealanders and Australians are almost unanimous in their view on the value of tourism, there is quite a strong difference in perceptions when it comes to impacts.”

“This difference may be influenced by the volume of inbound tourism per capita, which is higher in New Zealand than Australia, but we’ll be looking at what other factors are contributing to differences in perspective as the research continues in the coming months,” said Angus.

She added: “Tourism is hugely valuable to New Zealand – the industry has grown to be our largest export earner and directly employs almost 200,000 people.”

“Our research serves as a reminder that we need to ensure that the benefits of tourism continue to outweigh any adverse impacts”.

Angus & Associates’ research canvassed opinions from a representative sample of 1200 New Zealand and Australian residents during July to September this year.

Participants were asked about their views on the value of inbound and domestic tourism and the extent to which they agreed or disagreed that tourism is producing adverse impacts.

The next update of the research will be available in January 2018.

As the sample size grows Angus & Associates plans to expand the research to provide regional views of support for tourism, to assess changes over time, and to explore the issues driving and/or undermining support.

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