Europcar NZ tests 100% electric vehicle fleet

Europcar says it is the first major car rental company to introduce a fleet of 100% electric vehicles. Image: Supplied


From October, Europcar NZ’s 100% electric vehicle fleet is available for rent to the public in Auckland and Christchurch.

The brand-new e-Golfs are part of Europcar NZ’s long-term sustainability strategy, which was implemented as a collaboration between the company, Volkswagen New Zealand, with Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports earlier in the year.

The joint venture involved corporate travellers driving the e-Golfs on business trips at no cost, instead of being taxied around.

Now, the general public will be able to do the same, following a thorough e-Golf test run of 1278 kilometres, spread out over five days from Auckland to Christchurch.

General Manager Europcar New Zealand, Stephen Jones says the best way to understand the consumer experience is to go through it, from beginning to end.

“We needed to know exactly what our clients would experience driving the electric vehicle, especially on extended trips as a major component of our customer base consists of tourists. We needed to be absolutely sure that our electric vehicle fleet and the e-Golf are safe above all else, reliable and convenient.

“As a motoring business, these are the three important priorities in our business and we were pleased to get the result we anticipated, which is the e-Golf proved highly successful on an extended road trip, ticking all three boxes.

“Since beginning our customer experience exercise, we have been approached by several regional hotel owners and operators with a keen interest in setting up charging stations to cater for eco-conscious travellers – a clear trend on the rise.”

With Europcar as New Zealand’s first major car rental company to introduce a fleet of 100% electric vehicles, the company holds a clear vision in leading the charge in green motoring solutions and promoting sustainable tourism.

Earlier this year, it won nearly $200,000 in funding under round two of the Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund as part of 15 Government initiatives to promote environmentally friendly

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